Education Partnerships

KIFA is a global football organisation that encompasses the English, Welsh and Indian way of football coaching and development. We are extremely passionate to share our learnings and implementing bespoke football coaching programmes that would suit your institution and players needs.

All our programmes are created with the intent to develop players to compete in international football clubs.

Partnership Advantages

By entering into an Educational Partnership with KIFA, your players and coaches will immediately be led by an eminent team of ex-professional footballers turned UEFA coaches from England, and an international football governing body, Football Association of Wales, UK along with football veterans in India.

As a part of KIFA football training programmes, your players and coaches will get access to global playing, coaching and trials opportunities. We also help with students’ educational and career needs by providing several educational pathway programmes along with football. For instance, your students/players can pursue medicine or engineering or any degree of their choice while still training to play professional football.

Besides education and football training, we also offer career intensive programmes in football including internships in the UK & India.


If you are a school, college, university, sports club or academies and are looking to implement football coaching programme for your students and coaches within your organisation please get in touch with us.

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