Career Programmes

KIFA in collaboration with various football bodies, clubs and associations in India, the UK, Europe and African countries offer internship & career programmes for football enthusiasts. We also offer football career and education consultancy services for students who would like to better understand the options and future ahead in football.

Internships & Careers In Football
Internships & Careers In Football
  • Age: 11 – 23
  • Location: India & UK

Duration, Dates & Location Can Be Customised To Suit Individual Needs

Football Careers: Experience the life of a footballer and explore various career options in football within an Indian or International football club setting.

Football Internships: Opportunities to intern with an Indian or International football club in a specific area of career within football industry. For instance

Football Career Counselling
Careers Counselling

Get in touch with us we can help you find the right career & education to suit your abilities, passion and future professional prospects in the football industry.

Non-Player Route

Interested in a career or education in football? Not so keen to play but would love to be a part of the sport?

We also offer various football career clinics and internships for international students in all our camps and programmes. You can take part in one of our camps to know more. Or book a session with us to discuss the opportunities.

Player Route

If you are interested in becoming a professional footballer check out our various football training programmes here.
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Coach Route

If you are interested in becoming a professional Coach check out our various programmes here.
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Education Counselling

School Education Abroad
Football Training + Study Abroad (School Admission)

Bombarded with all the information out there? Not sure of the best educational choice for you or your child who is passionately devoted to football?

With more than 100 year of combined experience in providing educational services to aspiring children and ambitious parents, we are happy to discuss with you and your child and put together a strategic education plan that best suits your budget and your child’s football and educational goals.

We guarantee entry into world’s best boarding schools in the UK, India and Europe.

  • UK Football Boarding Schools
  • European Private Football Academy
  • UK Football Specialist Courses
Football + University Abroad

Football Training + Study Abroad (College/University)

We ensure you get a guaranteed place of study in the UK, Europe or India.

You can combine football training with Medicine Or Nursing Or Law Or Arts Or Fashion Or Motor Sports Or Telecom Or Psychology Or Sociology Or Engineering Or Business Or Ai/Robotics Or Data Science Degrees

  • Age: 16+
  • English: GCE ‘O’ Level English D7 or above (OR) IELTS 4.5 or above
  • Secondary School Education Certificate (Pass)
  • Lurnable International Foundation Diploma Programme In Higher Education Studies

Talk to us to discuss your options!

Football Training + Study Online

Football Training + Study Online

Our flagship multiple educational choices with football stem from our personal passion to offer both football and flexible education pathway to our players.

Depending on your age, potential, professional aspirations, life goals and market trends we can create several pathways for you.

Some of our educational offerings along with football training are:

  • Age: 7 - 17
  • Education: Online British School (International Curriculum)
  • Location: Completely Online

  • Age: 16 - 21
  • Degree Level: Diploma to Bachelor's Degree including specialist pathways
  • Location: Completely Online
  • Popular amongst our players: Business Studies, Computing & IT, Data Science, Cyber Security

Talk to us to discuss your options!


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